A sCAlable TRAffic Classifier and Analyzer


Network Traffic Security Analysis for Big Data

CATRACA provides a user-friendly dashboard to visualize traffic statistics and real-time network behavior.

Real-time Machine Learning Classification

CATRACA offers a range of machine learning algorithms for both online and offline traffic classification.

Scalability and Stream Processing

CATRACA uses open source platforms such as: Elasticsearch, Hadoop, and Apache Spark to provide scalable traffic analysis. It aims to analyze high volume traffic required for Internet of things and smart city applications.

CATRACA on a nutshell

Main technologies
involved in Catraca


Origins of detected attacks


Bandwidth of the classified traffic


TCP statistics used in attacks


Would you like to see more? Install Catraca and check out the available Tutorial!

About Us

We are an academic and scientific group of Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, doing research in the area of Electronics and Computer Science. Our team is composed by a PhD Professor, a Postdoctoral researcher, PhD students, Master's students and Undergraduate students. Our main research topics include Computer Networks, Virtualization, Network Security, Machine Learning, Stream Processing, and Blockchain.