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Source Codes

  • IEEE 802.11g patch for ns-2.31 [download].

    This is an implementation of IEEE 802.11g for ns-2.31. Basically, the txtime method was changed to consider the IEEE 802.11g overhead. To install this patch, a fresh ns-2.31 is needed. Run in your ns-2.31 directory the following commands:

    $ patch -p0 < ieee80211g-ns2.31-v-1.0.patch
    $ make clean
    $ make

    This a simple TCL script to calculate throughput using the IEEE 802.11g patch [download].

    Some related work:

    • Amodei Jr., A., Campista, M. E. M., Cunha, D. O., Velloso, P. B., Costa, L. H. M. K., Rubinstein, M. G., and Duarte, O. C. M. B. - "Analysis of Medium Access Control Protocols for Home Networks", Technical Report, Electrical Engineering Program, COPPE/UFRJ, October 2005.
      English, A4 size, 33 p. [TechReport]

    • Campista, M. E. M., Moraes, I. M., Esposito, P. M., Amodei Jr., A, Cunha, D. de O., Costa, L. H. M. K., and Duarte, O. C. M. B. - "The Ad Hoc Return Channel: a Low-Cost Solution for Brazilian Interactive Digital TV", in IEEE Communications Magazine, ISSN 0163-6804, vol. 45, no. 1, pp. 136-143, January 2007.
      English, A4 size, 8 p. [Article]