BeMachol (2018-2019)

    This project was developed for the 48th (2018) and 49th (2019) edition of the dance festival: Hava Netze Bemachol. The main goal was to create an event agenda that could help the visitors whenever they wanted to know about: when and where an event is going to happen, who are the participants of the festival and even more!
Play Store | App Store | GitHub

TranspORT (2018)

    This was Luiz's final project from his technical course. The purpose was to try to create an app that could track the last visited bus stop of a bus and than, the app would alert the user about it. The project was developed in a group of 3 people, including: Luiz Carlos Aguiar Carrion, Thiago de Oliveira Nascimento Junior and Gabriel Elkind Hoory. More information about this project can be found at the publications page.
Play Store | GitHub | Project Report (portuguese)

SaúdeBras (2020)

    SaúdeBras is a website that was developed in 48 hours for the Hacking Rio 2020. This was a group project where Luiz and his teammates (Matheus Pereira Kulick, Andre Silva Telles and Gabriela Mehl Domingues Kucuruza) were trying to solve the given problem from Petrobras. The cluster we took part in was: Digital Transformation. At the end of the event, our team (Lumanga) got the third place.

Pong4Math (2017)

    Pong4Math was a project that the duo Luiz Carlos Aguiar Carrion and Thiago de Oliveira Nascimento Junior, developed in 2017 for the Scientific Fair at Instituto de Tecnologia ORT. The idea was to redesign the classic atari game so that 4 players could play at the same time.

Infinity Questions (2019)

    Infinity Questions is a trivia game that Luiz developed with his group (Amanda Pereira da Silva, Maria Eduarda de Souza Mafra and Yuri Pereira Dantas). This was our final work for the Computing I classes. The game was developed using python, curses and firebase.