Otto Carlos Muniz Bandeira Duarte

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Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
COPPE / Programa de Engenharia Elétrica
P.O. Box 68504
21945-970 Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Brasil


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Otto Carlos M. B. Duarte was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on October 23, 1953. He. is a Full Professor at Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he works since 1978. He received his B.E. degree in Electronic Engineer and M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering also from Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro in 1976 and 1981, respectively, and his Dr. Ing. from ENST/Paris, France, in 1985. Otto has strong international ties, which he reinforces during his sabbaticals: between January 1992 and June 1993 he worked as a researcher at the MASI laboratory at the University of Paris 6; in 1995, he spent three months at International Computer Science Institute (ICSI) in Berkeley; and in 1999, 2001, and 2011, he worked as invited professor at the University of Paris 6. He has advised 58 doctoral and masters students, and published more than 200 articles in international and national journal and conferences. He has given numerous invited talks and tutorials, and serves as a consultant to companies in the area of Internet technologies. He is also the head the computer networks group (Grupo de Teleinformática e Automação - GTA). Otto owns the "Scientist of Our State" award (granted to the 200 most outstanding researchers of the state of Rio de Janeiro) and is selected to be a CNPq researcher in computer science (CNPq is the technology research branch of the Brazilian government). His research interests include mobile communications, security, multicast, and QoS guarantees.


Curriculum Vitae (English-resume)


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Research Projects.


SecFuNet Project: Security for Future Networks – International Scientific Cooperation – ICT EU-Brazil Coordinate call


FITS: Future Internet Testbed with Security


INFRAS Project Future Internet: Clouds, Mobility, and Security - International Scientific Cooperation - CNPq/CNRs


Horizon Project: A New Horizon for the Internet - International Scientific Cooperation – Finep/ANS Coordinate call


Projeto ReVir: Redes Virtuais na Internet do Futuro


Projeto INVENTA: INternet, Virtualização, E Novas Tecnologias Autônomas


Projeto INOVAR: INternet Otimizada com Virtualização, Autonomia e Robustez


Projeto QUALVOL: Sistemas em Redes de Qualidade para Aplicações Emergentes Geradoras de Grandes Volumes de Dados


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