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Wireless Mesh Networks

Wireless mesh networks (WMNs) are a cost-effective solution for access networks. WMNs are characterized by the presence of a backbone composed of wireless routers. This backbone is typically stationary and provides backhaul access. Currently, we are investigating a new algorithm for link-state dissemination, which profits from the main WMN characteristics, which are stationary topology and traffic convergence towards the wired infrastructure. The proposed algorithm reduces the network routing overhead while keeping updated metrics for the frequently used links. Thus, we avoid latency in route discovery, and we also save network resources such as bandwidth. The proposed algorithm limits the range of routing updates towards the network gateway, since the common-case application in WMNs is Internet access.

Selected Publications

  • Campista, M. E. M., Passos, D. G., Esposito, P. M., Moraes, I. M., de Albuquerque, C. V. N., Saade, D. C. M., Rubinstein, M. G., Costa, L. H. M. K., and Duarte, O. C. M. B. - "Routing Metrics and Protocols for Wireless Mesh Networks", in IEEE Network, ISSN 0890-8044, vol. 22, no. 1, pp. 6-12, January 2008 (GTA-07-19).

  • Campista, M. E. M., Costa, L. H. M. K., and Duarte, O. C. M. B. - "WPR: A Proactive Routing Protocol Tailored to Wireless Mesh Networks", to appear in IEEE Globecom 2008 Ad Hoc, Sensor and Mesh Networking Symposium (GC'08 AHSN), New Orleans, LA, USA, December, 2008 (GTA-08-25).