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Peer-to-Peer Video Streaming

Video streaming in the Internet has become a popular service in recent years. Because of the high bandwidth requirements and the number of potential users, however, video streaming is a costly service to provide. Currently, peer-to-peer video streaming applications are emerging as a promising solution for video distribution in the Internet. While peer-to-peer file-sharing applications target elastic data transfers, peer-to-peer streaming applications focuses on the efficient delivery of multimedia content under strict bandwidth and timing requirements. In these applications, participating peers assist the server in delivering multimedia content reducing costs and increasing the scalability of video distribution. Furthermore, peer-to-peer streaming applications can provide access for a large number of channels and also enable roaming TV services. To date, several architectures have been proposed by using the tree-based push approach or the mesh-based pull approach. In addition, coding techniques are applied to the video source and/to the channel in order to improve content distribution. We are currently examining the stream pollution attack. In this kind of attack, an attacker introduces polluted chunks into the peer-to-peer video distribution, degrading the quality of the video streaming at the receivers. These polluted chunks received by an unsuspecting peer not only affect that single peer, but since the peer also forwards chunks to other peers, the polluted content can be propagated through the network.

Selected Publications

  • Moraes, I. M., Campista, M. E. M., Duarte, J. L., Passos, D. G., Costa, L. H. M. K., Rubinstein, M. G., de Albuquerque, C. V. N., and Duarte, O. C. M. B. - "On the Impact of User Mobility on Peer-to-Peer Video Streaming", to appear in IEEE Wireless Communications, ISSN 1536-1284 (GTA-08-30).

  • Moraes, I. M., Campista, M. E. M., Moreira, M. D. D., Rubinstein, M. G., Costa, L. H. M. K., and Duarte, O. C. M. B. - "Distribuição de Vídeo sobre Redes Par-a-Par: Arquiteturas, Mecanismos e Desafios", in Minicursos do Simpósio Brasileiro de Redes de Computadores - SBRC'2008, pp. 115-171, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil, May 2008 (GTA-08-12).