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Survivability in Transparent Optical Networks

In optical networks, an event of failure causes a huge amount of data loss and interrupts a great number of connections, because several channels are multiplexed in only one optical fiber. In this context, survivability is essential in the project and in the operation of optical networks. Survivability is the capacity of the network do not interrupt the active connections in the presence of a failure. In this area, we analyzed the performance of the survivability mechanisms of transparent optical networks. A novel mechanism is proposed envisaging a network more flexible and, consequently, more suitable to the user.

Selected Publications

  • Bicudo, M. D. D. and Duarte, O. C. M. B. - "Um Mecanismo de Proteção em Redes WDM em Malha" , X Workshop de Gerência e Operação de Redes e Serviços - WGRS2005, Fortaleza, CE, Brazil, May 2005 (GTA-05-25).

  • Bicudo, M. D. D., Moraes, I. M., Laufer, R. P., Cunha, D. O., Velloso, P. B., and Duarte, O. C. M. B. - "Protection and Minimal Interference in WDM Mesh Networks", 12th International Conference on Telecommunications - ICT'2005, Capetown, South Africa, May, 2005 (GTA-05-54).