Prof. Ítalo Cunha

Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais - UFMG


Palestra: Dia 16/07/2015 das 11:00 às 12:00 – Sala H - 301


Impact of Provider Failures on the Traffic at a University Campus

Abstract: In this presentation, we show a characterization of the impact of failures in Brazil's national research network (RNP) on traffic at a large client university. We analyze reachability disruptions, caused by failures of RNP's interdomain links that block all international traffic. We also analyze performance disruptions, caused by simultaneous failure of multiple RNP intradomain links, which result in congestion and performance degradation. We study the impact of disruptions on traffic, application mix, and user behavior. Our results show that users adapt their behavior when some applications become unavailable and when network performance degrades. For example, users tend to migrate to Youtube when Facebook becomes unavailable during reachability disruptions; similarly, users migrate to Facebook when congestion during performance disruptions severely degrade Youtube experience. We also correlate the impact of disruptions to network topology and show that performance during a performance disruption depends on the location and importance of failed links.

A Quick Overview of the PEERING Research Testbed

Abstract: PEERING is a new research platform where researchers can instantiate their own autonomous system, defining its intradomain topology and interdomain connectivity. PEERING connects the autonomous system to the Internet and allows exchange of routes and traffic with neighboring networks around the globe. PEERING allows researchers to participate as an active player in the Internet instead of only passively monitoring it.

Biography: Ítalo Cunha is an assistant professor at the Computer Science Department at UFMG, Brazil, since 2012. He developed his Ph.D. research at Technicolor Research and Innovation Paris and graduated from UPMC Sorbonne Universités in 2011. His research focuses on improving network performance and reliability. Ítalo has helped implement novel network measurement tools like DTrack, deploy distributed global-scale Internet monitoring systems like LIFEGUARD, and build state-of-the-art research and experimentation platforms like PEERING. His contributions provide better visibility on Internet topology and routing dynamics, help network operators troubleshoot failures and performance problems, and empower other researchers.